AuroraStain plus (10000x)

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Gel staining for all kind of gel imager

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AuroraStain Nucleic Acid dye plus is a recently developed cyanine nucleic acid dye of polymerizome. AuroraStain Nucleic Acid dye plus modifies cyanine-based phenyl rings into chain structured oily macromolecules that are unique for their ability to penetrate cell membranes into living cells. It is nonvolatile and safe for use, as it is not mutagenic even at gel staining concentrations and has been deemed nontoxic.The improved design of AuroraStain Nucleic Acid Dye Plus eliminates the bending and migration issues commonly encountered with traditional cyanine-based nucleic acid dyes, making it an ideal choice for various nucleic acid electrophoresis applications. The dye is compatible with both standard UV Gel imaging systems and blue light excitation, making it suitable for safe sizing in either system. With its highly sensitive and safe properties, AuroraStain Nucleic Acid Dye Plus is a brand-new, cutting-edge solution for nucleic acid staining.


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AuroraStain Nucleic Acid dye plus (10000x) 500μl 5x 500μl 2°C -8°C


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