2x NovaTaq plus PCR mix(with blue dye)

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2x PCR mix with loading dye

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“2x NovaTaq Plus PCR Mix (with Blue Dye)” is a user-friendly, pre-mixed 2x concentrated solution for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) that contains NovaTaq Plus DNA Polymerase from ANGENOVO, PCR Buffer, Mg2+, dNTPs, PCR Stabilizer, and PCR Intensifier. The master mix delivers high sensitivity, specificity, and stability, making it ideal for PCR amplification of complex templates and large-scale gene testing. With high amplification efficiency and low mismatching rate, the mix reduces the risk of personal error and contamination, and allows for a fast amplification rate of 10-15 seconds per 1kb. The PCR product is equipped with adenine residues at the 3´-end of both strands, making it suitable for TA cloning, enzyme digestion, ligation, and sequencing after purification. The blue dye (Bromophenol Blue, with a migration equivalent to a 500bp DNA fragment) included in the master mix enables direct loading of the PCR product onto an agarose gel for analysis.


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2x NovaTaq plus PCR mix (with blue dye) 1ml 5x 1mll -20°C


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