OPTN rabbit pAb

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Product Name: OPTN rabbit pAb

Catalog No.: ALT8067

Reactivity: Human; Mouse;Rat

Applications: WB

Source: Polyclonal, Rabbit,IgG

Formulation: Liquid in PBS containing 50% glycerol, and 0.78% sodium azide.

Concentration:1 mg/ml

Dilution: WB 1:500-2000

Storage Stability: -20°C/1 year


Protein Name: OPTN

Human Gene ID: 10133

Human Swiss Prot No.: Q96CV9

Other Name: Optineurin (E3-14.7K-interacting protein) (FIP-2) (Huntingtin yeast partner L) (Huntingtin-interacting protein 7) (HIP-7) (Huntingtin-interacting protein L) (NEMO-related protein) (Optic neuropathy-inducing protein) (Transcription factor IIIA-interacting protein) (TFIIIA-IntP)

Subcellular Location: Cytoplasm, perinuclear region. Golgi apparatus . Golgi apparatus, trans-Golgi network. Cytoplasmic vesicle, autophagosome. Cytoplasmic vesicle. Recycling endosome. Found in the perinuclear region and associates with the Golgi apparatus (PubMed:27534431). Colocalizes with MYO6 and RAB8 at the Golgi complex and in vesicular structures close to the plasma membrane. Localizes to LC3-positive cytoplasmic vesicles upon induction of autophagy. .

Expression: Present in aqueous humor of the eye (at protein level). Highly expressed in trabecular meshwork. Expressed nonpigmented ciliary epithelium, retina, brain, adrenal cortex, fetus, lymphocyte, fibroblast, skeletal muscle, heart, liver, brain and placenta.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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