Granulins rabbit pAb

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Product Name: Granulins rabbit pAb

Catalog No.: ALT7987

Reactivity: Human;Rat;Mouse;

Applications: WB; ELISA

Source: Polyclonal, Rabbit,IgG

Formulation: Liquid in PBS containing 50% glycerol, 0.5% BSA and 0.02% sodium azide.

Concentration:1 mg/ml

Dilution: WB 1:1000-2000 ELISA 1:5000-20000

Storage Stability: -20°C/1 year

Gene Name: GRN

Protein Name: Granulins

Human Gene ID: 2896

Human Swiss Prot No.: P28799

Other Name: Granulins (Proepithelin;PEPI) [Cleaved into: Acrogranin; Paragranulin; Granulin-1 (Granulin G); Granulin-2 (Granulin F); Granulin-3 (Granulin B); Granulin-4 (Granulin A); Granulin-5 (Granulin C); Granulin-6 (Granulin D); Granulin-7 (Granulin E)]

Subcellular Location: Secreted . Lysosome . Endocytosed by SORT1 and delivred to lysosomes (PubMed:21092856, PubMed:28073925). Targeted to lysosome by PSAP via M6PR and LRP1, in both biosynthetic and endocytic pathways (PubMed:26370502, PubMed:28073925). Co-localized with GBA in the intracellular trafficking compartments until to lysosome (By similarity). .

Expression: In myelogenous leukemic cell lines of promonocytic, promyelocytic, and proerythroid lineage, in fibroblasts, and very strongly in epithelial cell lines. Present in inflammatory cells and bone marrow. Highest levels in kidney.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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