GeneCarry Super Transfection Reagent plus

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GeneCarryTM Super Transfection Reagent plus is a novel and highly efficient cationic polymer. It interacts with nucleic acids (including plasmids, siRNA, and oligonucleotides) to form a complex that delivers the nucleic acid into eukaryotic cells. It is suitable for most eukaryotic cell transfections and shows greater advantages in difficult-to-transfect cells (with significantly higher efficiency than currently available mainstream transfection reagents). Successfully transfected cell lines include: HeLa, HEK293T, 293T, HUVEC, HepG2, HEK293, CNE2, SW480, HEK293FT, HT29, Raw264.7, THP-1,HCT116.


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GeneCarry Super Transfection Reagent plus 0.25ml 0.5ml 2-8℃


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