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Stackable Incubated And Refrigerated Shakers

StackableCO2 Incubated and Refrigerated Shaker(Cooling+humidity control+CO2 control). It is widely applied in cell culture, fermentation, hybridization, biochemistry and cell tissue study in which temperature and shaking frequency requirements must be met. Moreover, static and dynamic culture of microbial cell and varieties of bacteria can be performed in the incubator.


Shaking Incubator

Shaker incubator combines incubator and shaker functions together, it provides accurate temp. control, realizes shake incubating and meet bacterium, microbe suspension incubate requirements. It is ideal instruments for Cell culture, fermentation, biochemistry, water quality analysis, plant cultivation and breeding.

C100/C100-SE Automated Cell Counter

A Real Time-Saver Speeds up Your Research

RWD automated cell counter is a reliable cell counting device with highly intelligent analysis software and excellent microscopy optics structure. It can realize accurate, safe cell-counting, and fluorescence analysis in 9 seconds, which liberates researchers from the heavy work of daily cell counting.


Motorized Micromanipulator and  Nanoliter Injection Pump

MM-500, an ultra-stable and compact motorized micromanipulator, is designed for probe positioning or pipettes holding with high precision, to perform in vivo and in vitro electrophysiology experiments, microinjection, etc.

Nanoliter Injection Pump is Designed for high-precision microinjection, with nanoliter volume injection using fine glass capillaries.

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